Gaza mon amour

PreviewThematic 2022
Arab NASSER and Tarzan NASSER


2020 / 87’

Issa is a Gazan fisherman who lives modestly from his work. Daily life is difficult, with frequent power cuts, fussy customs controls and a strictly limited fishing zone. And his sister pesters him to get married. But Issa is shyly in love with a seamstress he met in the market. Will he succeed in declaring his love?
This subtle film evokes the poor and dignified life of the inhabitants of this very constrained enclave that is Gaza without any misery, while sharing with us with humour the delicate emotions of the fisherman in love.

"A heart-warming film"

DirectorArab NASSER and Tarzan NASSER.
CastSalim DAW, Hiam ABBASS and Maisa ABD ELHADI.
DistributorSophie Dulac Distribution.