A nos enfants

Aos Nossos Filhos

Focus CountryPreviewEgalité Femmes-HommesThematic 2022


2020 / 107’ / VO : Portuguese
A nos enfants

This Brazilian film, shot before the election of Bolsonaro, begins with a scene between two married women who want to have a child together by artificial insemination. There are difficulties: neither of them wants to carry the child, the mother of one of the two women is upset by their choice because she would have liked them to adopt a child. believe in the virtues of dialogue and in the achievements of democracy, while a militarized shallow looms over them. Their story is a portrait of the last months of a period, before the recent presidential election in Brazil.

DirectorMaria DE MEDEIROS.
CastMarieta SEVERO, Laura CASTRO and Claudio LINS.