22-31 May 2020 D-120


2018 Jury committees

F5C Trophy

The Trophy Le Candide is made of glass, ceramic and silver.

The Trophy represents a man who travels the 5 Continents:
Le Candide, a figure of the book of the French philosopher Voltaire.           

Chairman of the F5C Jury
Maxime Motte

French director, script-writer and actor

He is known for directing his first film: J'ai rencontré mon père (2017), He's a script-writer for: Les naufragés (2016) and De l'autre côté du périph (2012).

5 members of the Jury

Africa: Ali Moka Iboussi

Americas: Reva Gutnick

Asia: Saghi Werner

Europe: Heidi Valentini

Oceania: Patricia Buchot

Chairman of the High School Jury
Lidia Terki

Director and script-writer

She is known for the direction of her first feature film: Paris la blanche (2017), as well as the direction of the documentaries: Le projet Sextoy (2014) and Sextoy Stories (2014).

5 members of the High School Jury

Eileen Denett – Terminal School

Andrea Domeisen - First School

Margaux Emery – Terminal School

Zaytune Khakimova – First School

Angelique Meghraoui-Labbadi – First School

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