20-29 September 2024 D-116


2022 Jury committees

F5C Trophy

The Trophy Le Candide is made of glass, ceramic and silver.

The Trophy represents a man who travels all over the 5 Continents:
The Candide, a character created by Voltaire, the French philosopher.


2 Prizes awarded:

  • 5 Continents Jury Award (F5C)
  • Public Award

2022 Winners' list!


F5C Jury Award:

  • Les mystères de Barcelone

Public Award:

  • La Ruche


  • Loin de chez nous

7 films in competition for the F5C Award:

  • Goodnight soldier
  • Les Mystères de Barcelone
  • Loin de chez nous
  • Pamfir
  • Kombinat
  • My favorite war
  • La Ruche


Chairman of the F5C Jury
Séverine Rekowiez

Director, screenwriter and photographer

The jurors will be accompanied by a discreet and talented young director who is becoming more and more well-known.

Following a master's degree in cinema from the Lumière Lyon 2 University, Séverine has produced videos for companies and individuals, notably by editing clips, preparing trailers for festivals and producing her own short films.

For 4 years now, she has participated in the Nikon Film Festival.

One of her short films, JE SUIS UN SECRET, received a special “Emotion” mention in 2019 at the Annemasse Rencontres du Court-métrage and was selected for the GUKIFF, a South Korean festival in 2021.

She recently finished writing a feature film script with the help of a script doctor.

She also worked on the development of the Festival de Cinéma des Cinq Continents, notably by being involved in its programming for 9 years.

She is delighted to discover the 2022 program together with the other members of the Jury from all over the world.


5 members of the F5C Jury
Africa: Sarah Nouama-Ndjonkou (Ivory Coast)
Americas: Thomas Bingham (United States)
Asia: Romina Banes (Philippines)
Europe: Irène Sanchez (Spain)
Oceania: Victor Lisacek (Australia)


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