20-29 September 2024 D-92


2023 Jury committees

F5C Trophy

The Trophy Le Candide is made of glass, ceramic and silver.

The Trophy represents a man who travels all over the 5 Continents:
The Candide, a character created by Voltaire, the French philosopher.


3 Prizes awarded:

  • 5 Continents Jury Award (F5C)
  • High School Jury Award
  • Public Award

2023 Winners’ list!


F5C Jury Award:

  • Disco Boy

High School Jury Award:

  • Notre corps

Public Award:

  • Disco Boy

9 films in competition for the F5C Award:

  • We have a dream
  • Disco boy
  • Love Life
  • Kokon
  • L’Afrique des femmes
  • Stars at noon
  • Les feuilles mortes
  • Notre corps
  • L’enlèvement
5 members of the F5C Jury
Representing Africa: Samba Fall
Representing America: Zlatan Čelebić
Representing Asia: Nobuko Kato
Representing Europe: Anne Juenet
Representing Oceania: Mathilde Tellier


3 members of the High School Jury

 Audrey Colas

 Eléonore Huez

 Clémentine Pialoux

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