24 September - 03 October 2021

Practical information

The team

Director of the festival

Hervé Gransart

Programme Commission

Gregory Belmonte
Catherine Duran
Benjamin Gondard
Marc Houvet
Ivana Ivanoska
Hervé Le Sourd
Michèle Luttmann
Manon Marchand
David Marguin
Serge Villat

Sponsors Commission
Gérard Rendu
Administration and Finance Commission
Sophie Parron
Communication Commission

Françoise Burley
Nathalie Feather
Yousra Hamed
Françoise Le Sourd
Hervé Le Sourd
Barbara Nouchi

Decorating Commission

Maria Albert
Yaxiao Fu
Françoise Le Sourd
Brigitte Nouchi
Sylvie Sanseau

Logistics Commission

Betty Appelo
Muriel Clavel
José Duran
Nathalie Feather
Annie Lonchamp
Joël Servien
Monique Tortrat

School Commission

Hervé Le Sourd
Joël Servien

Volunteers Commission
Annie Lonchamp
Joël Servien

The Festival de Cinéma des 5 Continents is organised by the Association CULTURES & CINÉMAS. The Association was created to promote the cinema amongst all types of audiences. It seeks to defend the cinema and it allows the public to enjoy films of quality off the beaten track.
The 16-year old Association now has more than 120 members

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