23 September - 04 October 2020 D-42

Come back for the 15th edition

25 September–4 October 2020

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Created in 2005 by the association “CULTURES & CINÉMAS”, the Festival of 5 Continents (F5C) is a French-Geneva cross-border initiative that seeks to build a meeting place between the public and film professionals. The Festival is not bound by commercial pressures: rather, the public can simply enjoy good films in a pleasurable environment.

“Variety, friendliness and professionalism are what drives the F5C”

A great experience to share all together. Discover new films and personalities. Have friendly discussions on topics large and small, including those that deeply touch everyday life and the problems of today’s society.

The Festival opens a window on the world by addressing those issues that affect us all, whether near or far.

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