22 September - 01 October 2023 D-184


The festival is

10 days of festival.

6 cinemas: Ferney-Voltaire, Gex, Divonne, Saint-Genis-Pouilly, Versoix and Bio Carouge.

1 country focus each year.

1 Village du Monde (Ferney-Voltaire), a warm and friendly place. Food and drink, exhibitions, music, discussions. A place that breathes the atmosphere of the cinema and provides the opportunity to meet with cinema experts.

7 000 spectators from the Pays de Gex, Geneva and nearby.

The film festival highlights

31 films from the 5 continents, in original version with French subtitles.

5 guests over 10 days.

Ask for the festival programme

2 showings at least per day. The Festival takes place in several locations at the same time.

2 non-stop weekends! Every Sunday, the "Village du Monde" is open from 12:30 pm with Brunch offered by the F5C.

2 prizes awarded at the end of the Festival:

  1. Award of the Jury (1 film professional president and 5 film addicts representing the 5 continents.
  2. Audience’s Award – each evening the audience votes on the film presented.

2 exhibitions – a photo exhibition at the "Village du Monde" and a painting exhibition at the Médiathèque of Ferney-Voltaire.

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